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Real Estate Law

Our firm assists with all facets of a real estate transaction: from negotiating the purchase and sale agreement, to conducting the closing and issuing title insurance.

We offer the following areas of practice:

Buyer Representation

Real estate attorneys oversee home buying, from the moment the contract is signed through to closing. They review the contract, communicate with the other party, and attend the closing to make sure the sale completes in the proper manner.

Seller Representation

Real estate attorneys oversee the sale of your home, from the moment the initial listing through to closing. They review the contract, communicate with the other party, and attend the closing to make sure the sale completes in the proper manner, with as little stress from you as possible.

Closings and Title Insurance

Title insurance protects the buyers and mortgage lenders from unknown issues with a property’s chain of title. The purpose of title insurance is to protect against loss and liability, and protects against litigation if the seller does not have free and clear ownership of the property.

Construction Loans

Considering all of the factors when taking out a loan of any kind is wise. In more complicated loan situations, such as a construction loan, it pays to be double check everything. There are specific terms for these kinds of loans that control access to cash and payments during the life of the loan.

Reverse Mortgages

Reverse mortgages can be a powerful tool for a senior citizen to supplement income or pay healthcare costs. It allows for the homeowner to “loan” their home equity to a lender in exchange for cash. Carefully evaluate if a reverse mortgage is right for you, as it has long lasting financial effects.

Commercial Property Closings

Buying or selling commercial property is a complicated process. You need to be on the lookout for defects to the property’s title, obtaining title insurance, that all documents are correct, and more, all while running your business. While the added cost of an attorney can be high, it is worth it.

Residential Property Closing

Regardless of if you are buying or selling real estate, it is important to have an attorney for your closing. A real estate attorney makes sure that everyone understands the legal process behind the closing and that everything occurring at the closing is proper.

Commercial Refinancing

Refinancing a commercial loan is not necessarily as easy as getting a new loan. Refinancing in today’s market can involve having the commercial property appraised, and some lenders may be hesitant to refinance at all, even if the borrower has met all of the terms of their current loan.

Residential Refinancing

Refinancing real estate, regardless of if it is residential, commercial, or investment property, can become a complex process. Having a real estate attorney on your side though the refinancing process helps with fast, accurate services to quickly close on the loan.

Real Estate Purchase Transactions

Purchasing real estate has many different facets and processes. A real estate attorney is equipped to prepare and review all necessary documents, as well as attend the closing to make sure the sale is properly completed to protect your interests.

Real Estate Disputes

Disputes arising around property may involve very specific legal issues, and property laws can vary across state lines. You may want to hire an attorney to resolve property disputes, as an experienced attorney will be knowledgeable about your options.

Buyer and Seller

Purchasing a home or other property is an important milestone, and a major investment of your time and money. As any property owner will say, purchasing real estate involves a lot of paperwork. With so many documents involved in the purchase, it is important to verify that every page is accurate. An attorney can draft and review any and all agreements while prioritizing your financial interests. Making sure that your interests are protected is paramount during these transactions, and an attorney is one of the best ways to make sure you’re protected.

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