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We are dedicated to helping clients resolve their legal needs efficiently & cost-effectively. We bring years of experience to a wide variety of disputes in both Florida state and federal courts. Including Business & Corporate Law, International legal matters, Real Estate Law, Business/Commercial & Civil litigation.

Business Contracts, To Business Litigation.
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In Contract Law, legal issues are avoidable with the right legal counsel.
Navigating the complexities of contract law and contract review is an everyday occurrence in our law offices. Attorney Gery Rodriguez and his legal team understand those complexities and are here for you to make your transaction or agreement as easy as possible.

Some of the business contract and drafting matters we’re experienced in. 

  • Contract Drafting & Reviews – Let us ensure specific terms and conditions are accounted for in your contractual agreement. Our attorneys help you prevent being in breach of contract. 
  • Entity Formation – Starting a new company on track or updating the structure of an operating entity, seeking legal counsel is always advisable. This includes new operating agreements, buyout contracts, and successions planning. 
  • Negotiating Your Agreement – Let our firm do the hard work for you. Understanding the proper negotiating points on agreement is important to the outcome of your important deal.
  • Preventing Misunderstandings –  Don’t enter in to a contract without understanding all the details, having an attorney review the agreement allows both sides to understand the covenants of the agreement. 

“We live by the old adage “The pen is mightier than the sword.” But you can also be rest assured that should it come to blows, we have the experience and the training to wield the sword with the best of them in the courtroom.”

– Managing Attorney, Gery Rodriguez

Disputes in a partnerships, LLCs, or shareholders can threaten to implode a company. Our lawyers are here to help protect your organization by creating strategic solutions with your business partners. We are experienced and seasoned litigators, our attorneys  will actively litigate every aspect of your  dispute that may involve operating agreements, shareholder and partnership agreements.

Let our lawyers litigate your business litigation disputes. Some attorneys like to settle, and there is a time and place for that. Our law firm’s attorneys have extensive litigation experience. We are a results driven firm. Our attorneys know that at the end of the day what matters most to you are the results obtained. We take the time to understand and explore your goals and desired outcome, and then create a strategy geared towards meeting those ends. 

Some of the business litigation matters we’re experienced in. 

  • Breach of Contract – Entering into complicated business agreements, it’s a natural occurrence for disputes arise. Often complex and industry-specific most breach of contract litigations requires extensive litigation experience to handle successfully. Our law firm is experience in business litigation and have represented both plaintiffs and defendants in breach of contract litigation matters
  • Corporate Litigation – Our Lawyers have real life experience in complex corporate litigation lawsuits. As bad situations become contentious, the best remedy is dealing with the dispute before it escalates. Consulting an attorney allows for an abstract assessment of the situation and what avenues are available to create a strategy for the best possible outcome of your matter.  
  • Partnership, LLC and Shareholder Disputes – Disputes in a partnerships, LLCs, or shareholders can threaten to implode a company. Our lawyers are here to help protect your organization by creating strategic solutions with your business partners. We are experienced and seasoned litigators, our attorneys  will actively litigate every aspect of your  dispute that may involve operating agreements, shareholder and partnership agreements.

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Why Hire Rodriguez Albizu Law P.A.? 

At Rodriguez Albizu Law P.A., we strive to apply our experience and proven legal strategies to meet our client's issues head on and ensure a favorable outcome. Our attorneys provide advice and guidance concerning day-to-day business matters.

Reduce Your

Exposure From

Costly Legal Issues.

  • Our Lawyers Are Always Here To Counsel Our Clients Through Day to Day Operational Situations.
  • Avoid Costly Mistakes During a Business Transaction.
  • Reduce Your Exposure to Legal Issues By Ensuring Your Assets Are Protected.
  • Our Lawyers Act As A Resource For Our Clients. We Regularly Make Introductions To Our Vendor and Professional  Networks. 

An Experienced

Litigation Attorney

Is Your Advocate

In The Courtroom.

  • First and Foremost, Leave The Litigation To Us. Solving Complex Situations Is What We Do. 
  • Leave Finding The Oversights and Errors To Our Attorneys. Our Experience Offers A Fresh Approach To Your Legal Issues. 
  • Let Our Attorneys Help You Predict Future Litigation and Lawsuits. Court Is Expensive, Let Us Help You Avoid It Before It Happens. 
  • Our Firm's Experience Spans Multiple Industries and Legal Situations. In Litigation Situations Experience Counts.  

Our Attorneys Experience Is The Differentiator That Sets Us Apart From Other Firms. 

  • At Rodriguez-Albizu P.A., Our Attorneys Are Trained to Identify Our Clients Goals at The Outset of The Engagement 
  • Our Legal Team Will Craft a Strategy to Accomplish Those Goals in The Most Cost Effective Way Possible.
  • We Take The Time to Get to Know Your Business - We Are an Extension of Your Company. 
  • Our Attorneys have big law firm experience. The difference is not our size but the hands on approach and one one one strategizing with your attorney. You are part of the team, not just a client. 

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Questions We're Often Asked

How do I know when it's time to hire a business attorney?

Leading a successful business is never linear. Engaging an experienced law firm offers unbiased counsel to help advise on important decisions. Common issues we advise on are contract reviews, lease agreements, business risk management and litigation issues. If any of these sound familiar, call us to review your situation.  

Does Rodriguez Albizu Law P.A. Service Only South Florida?

As attorneys licensed in the state of Florida we are able to assist our clients with their legal matters under Florida law no matter where our clients are located. 

What should I look for in hiring an attorney?

You want to be sure that whatever attorney you hire they are a good “fit” for you.  Be sure to ask probative questions, not only of the attorney’s experience and background but also of their billing practices, overall assessment of the matter, and anticipated budget.  You want to feel comfortable with your attorney and be sure you are both on the same page, not only as to the merits of the dispute or matter but also what it will cost in the long run. 

Is a lawsuit the only choice for dispute resolution?

I know I’ve been wronged by a third-party. Should I file a lawsuit?  Lawsuits are expensive and typically take a great deal of time to resolve (i.e., typically over a year, and sometimes multiple years).  Consequently, careful thought should be placed before commencing a lawsuit.  That is why we typically advise our clients that a lawsuit should be a vehicle of last resort.

Do I need to hire an attorney to defend my company from a lawsuit?

With the exception of matters pending in small claims court, Florida law requires entities to be represented by an attorney in order to defend or prosecute a litigation matter. 

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