Owning your dream home, whether it has a white picket fence, or is a loft downtown, is something we all strive for. Homeownership gives you a sense of pride and comfort. Unfortunately, real estate issues have a tendency to arise and derail your plans. These issues are inevitable, however, with the help of an experienced real estate attorney they don’t have to be drastic.

Here are the top 10 reasons you should work with an experienced real estate attorney like Rodriguez-Albizu Law.

1. Thorough review of all contracts.
2. Avoid unnecessary delays.
3. Explain and outline options when things go wrong.
4. Assists if the property is held in a trust.
5. Assists if the property is in foreclosure.
6. Avoid hidden fees.
7. Handles any potential contract disputes.
8. Handles any potential title issues.
9. Provides clarity and guidance throughout the entire process.
10. Peace of Mind knowing you are working with an attorney who has your best interests in mind.

We know that residential real estate disputes can arise from numerous issues. As experienced residential real estate attorneys, we have experience with the following:
• Boundary Disputes
• Breach of Contract
• Contract Disputes
• Easements
• Neighbor Disputes
• Property Defects not Disclosed
• Property Rights
• Title Defect

We understand how important it is to own a home, there is an emotional attachment to it. We will be there to help you through these issues and guide you on your path to homeownership. Having an experienced law firm on your side is the difference between feeling overwhelmed and feeling confident. We are your trusted ally and will advocate of your behalf to ensure you are protected.