A general counsel is essentially designed to ensure that your company acts within the law. However, more and more companies are embracing ongoing general counsel services for legal advice outside of regular compliance. For instance, if the company wishes to take a particular course of action, the company’s general counsel can identify issues such as loss of reputation and advise accordingly. There are several advantages that come with having a general counsel at your disposal. Today we are going to look at 4 benefits of hiring ongoing general counsel services for your business.

  1. General Counsels Have a Business Perspective Too

General counsels are completely invested in the company and its success, since its downfall means a loss to them as well. They can identify issues beforehand and deal with them proactively, before they spiral into expensive litigation, damage the organization’s reputation, or affect its revenue. GCs also have a great understanding of the company and its history, and they know how every department is intertwined. By developing synergy and establishing personal relationships with the internal teams, GCs are able to understand the concerns of each department and take comfortable risks to avoid losing important deals.

  1. You Get Solutions

Business people often complain that attorneys mainly provide advice consisting of reasons why something cannot be done. This tendency to put up roadblocks can discourage businesses from seeking legal counsel. Experienced general counsels work with a business mentality that is based on finding solutions while keeping the company within the limits of the law. This mentality encourages internal teams to consult the general counsel early before the situation goes out of control.

  1. They Can Represent You

Business leaders usually have to manage numerous stakeholders and constituents, and having an experienced team member to represent them on certain occasions can really come in handy. General counsels are a great option to fill this position. With extensive experience in different business situations requiring team building, conflict resolution, and diplomatic skills, general counsels can serve as a solid, unifying presence in the company.

  1. General Counsels Give You Peace of Mind

When it comes to running a business, every decision is important and deciding on a particular course of action affecting the company can leave you with sleepless nights. Having ongoing general counsel services can take the stress from you, even if they do not directly resolve every issue that is nagging you. Think of it as your business’s conscious. You’ll have more peace of mind when you have a trusted GC to offer sound business and legal advice, manage risks, and guide your decisions.

There are several benefits of hiring ongoing general counsel services. For most small and medium-size businesses hiring a full time in-house general counsel isn’t cost effective.  Rather, it can be much more cost effective to hire an outside law firm to serve as the business’s “general counsel.” For legal advice or to learn how Rodriguez-Albizu Law can help your business fill the general counsel void, contact the firm now – https://www.ralawpa.com/contact/.